Vintage Romance Style Shoot

Vintage Romance Style Shoot


Just recently I was at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm for their annual bridal open house. As usual, it was a fun weekend for us vendors as we caught up with each other and also met many wonderful couples. I had a great time and I was pleased to meet all of the newly engaged and excited couples in love!

Earl, Susan and their dedicated team were all on hand to showcase their beautiful facilities and welcome old and new friends alike. They also coordinated a Vintage Romance themed style shoot which I was so happy to be a part of, check out some of the photos below.

Vintage Romance Style Shoot









































































Photography: Tripp Photography  |  Wedding Gown: Juliannah’s Bridal  |  Flowers: Passiflora Floral Boutique  |  Venue & Decor: Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm  |  Hair & Makeup:  Lydia Zandbelt of Unik Hair Studio  |  Cake: Sugar & Spice Custom Cakes  |  Invitations & Stationery: Daisy Designs  |  Table Linens & Chargers: Groovy Linens  |  Specialty Rentals (Bride & Groom Chair, Tableware, Furniture): Chez Lili Party Rentals

Winter Love

Winter Love

Who says winter has to be dull? Show this snowy season some love and check out a few of our winter weddings in the video below.


Thinking of a winter wedding? Here are some great reasons to consider it

Open House at Stanley’s Farm

Open House at Stanley's Farm

It’s that time of year again!

The Annual Bridal Open House at Stanley’s Farm is taking place THIS Saturday, January 23rd & Sunday, January 24th in the Maples Hall, 10am-3pm.

All current Stanley’s brides and those who are thinking of Stanley’s are invited to come out and visit! Take a tour of their venues, chat with friendly staff and meet some of their favourite vendors.

There will also be fabulous door prizes donated by the vendors at the show. Door prizes are limited to couples that have preregistered for the show.

See you there!

Hitched Wedding Magazine Feature

Hitched Wedding Magazine Feature



The lovely style shoot I recently photographed is currently being featured in the anniversary issue of Hitched Wedding Magazine!Hitched Wedding Magazine

Hitched Wedding Magazine features Ontario’s most beautiful engagements and weddings. Their goal is to help couples plan their wedding by showcasing the locations and amazing local vendors our province has to offer. 

Lisa Makins launched this magazine exactly one year ago and I must say that I am loving her work and so glad to be a part of the anniversary issue! If you’re looking to purchase the latest edition or want to buy any or all of the past issues check them out here.

Hitched Wedding Magazine Page 1

The ‘Pinterest’ Perfect Wedding

The 'Pinterest' Perfect Wedding

Many brides imagine that their wedding day will be “picture perfect” and many very much are, but sometimes things go completely wrong and although the day is stressful and chaotic at the end of the day the couple realize that it’s the celebration with family and friends that truly matters.

Usually this realization comes after a surprise mentor speaks to the bride and groom to help them realize that it’s okay to have a ‘Pinterest Fail’ Wedding and that the beauty of the day is indeed the memories shared with those who mean the most to them.

This mentor can be anyone – a member of the bridal party, the wedding photographer, the DJ or maybe even the wedding planner. I have been that person for many brides and I am happy to say that at the end of the day everyone is smiling and grateful for the memories of their special day.

The worst thing any bride or groom can do on their wedding day (and probably any day, really) is over plan and over think. You can plan the most ‘Pinterest’ Perfect wedding, right down to birds singing in the trees, and in the end, it could rain – pour, in fact, and the ceremony will have to moved inside. No bird. No songs. Just wind and rain. At the same time the ceremony could be delayed, experience unexpected organizational issues, and be too hot or too cold for anyone to be comfortable.

These things happen. By micro managing things and constantly worrying about whether or not what comes next will turn out as planed, you will only end up disappointed and stressed causing you to miss out on the magic of the day.

Even Royalty has their ‘Pinterest Fail’ moments – including this photo in which the flower girl is clearly not impressed with the royal kiss!

Royal wedding

Photo source:

Regardless of what happens on your special day, the important thing is to laugh, smile and see it for what it is – an unavoidable moment that in the end, will be memorable for everyone (including the little girl in the photo above, who I am sure will hear about her expression for years to come!). Sometimes ‘Pinterest Fail’ weddings happen for a reason – to let everyone see the real beauty of the day – spending quality, memorable time with family and friends.

So remember, sometimes things are beyond anyone’s control, and not everything will look like it does on Pinterest or as they do in professionally laid out wedding magazine photos. Let go of the need for perfection, and enjoy yourself!  The more stressed you are, the more uptight and stressed you will appear in your photos. If you are relaxed your natural smile will shine through, meaning you are more likely to love each and every photo of yourself!

Do you have any examples of ‘Pinterest Fail’ weddings that turned out okay in the end? I’d love to hear about them – leave a comment below or on my Facebook page.