The Best Age for Newborn Photos

The Best Age for Newborn Photos

What’s the best age for newborn photographs? I get asked this question quite often. First things first though, congratulations on the birth of your new baby! You must be over the moon and anxiously wanting to document your little one’s first precious days of life! 

For newborns, the ideal age I recommend is when they between 4-7 days old. That’s when they are still squishy and sleepy but also big enough for us to pose them easily. Somewhere between when the umbilical cord falls off and 8 days old is perfect.

For newborn sessions with yours truly, I come to your home. This saves you from having to pack up all your baby gear (and baby!) and haul it to a studio. “But Christine, my house is not big enough for a professional PHOTO SHOOT!” Don’t worry. For newborn sessions I only need a 5’x5′ space in your living room where I can set up my props and lighting.

While I am setting up we would have you attempt to get your baby to sleep. This usually happens easily when they are “milk-drunk” and when your home is very warm. The session can last from one hour to three hours, depending on how smooth things go. Sometimes babies are cooperative, calm and sleepy right away, and then super cranky after about 30 minutes…so we play it by ear.

Newborn Photo 1
Newborn Photo 2

It sounds obvious, but newborn sessions are all about the baby. The least amount of distractions is best (such as additional family members and/or other children). Trust me on this please. I know that everyone is excited to have a new baby around, but before and during the session it is best to have a calm and quiet environment for the best results, which is what you’re paying for, right?!

Having the session in your home also makes it super easy to incorporate any keepsake items (a special piece of jewelry, blanket, hat, prop). All I ask is that you have them on hand so I can easily add them in to some set-ups.  Also, as any parent knows, we always need lots of baby-wipes on hand as accidents do happen!

With spring right around the corner I can’t wait for another round of squishy newborn sessions!

Vintage Romance Style Shoot

Vintage Romance Style Shoot


Just recently I was at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm for their annual bridal open house. As usual, it was a fun weekend for us vendors as we caught up with each other and also met many wonderful couples. I had a great time and I was pleased to meet all of the newly engaged and excited couples in love!

Earl, Susan and their dedicated team were all on hand to showcase their beautiful facilities and welcome old and new friends alike. They also coordinated a Vintage Romance themed style shoot which I was so happy to be a part of, check out some of the photos below.

Vintage Romance Style Shoot









































































Photography: Tripp Photography  |  Wedding Gown: Juliannah’s Bridal  |  Flowers: Passiflora Floral Boutique  |  Venue & Decor: Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm  |  Hair & Makeup:  Lydia Zandbelt of Unik Hair Studio  |  Cake: Sugar & Spice Custom Cakes  |  Invitations & Stationery: Daisy Designs  |  Table Linens & Chargers: Groovy Linens  |  Specialty Rentals (Bride & Groom Chair, Tableware, Furniture): Chez Lili Party Rentals

Open House at Stanley’s Farm

Open House at Stanley's Farm

It’s that time of year again!

The Annual Bridal Open House at Stanley’s Farm is taking place THIS Saturday, January 23rd & Sunday, January 24th in the Maples Hall, 10am-3pm.

All current Stanley’s brides and those who are thinking of Stanley’s are invited to come out and visit! Take a tour of their venues, chat with friendly staff and meet some of their favourite vendors.

There will also be fabulous door prizes donated by the vendors at the show. Door prizes are limited to couples that have preregistered for the show.

See you there!

Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

Have you ever considered having an “unplugged wedding,” where all the guests are asked not to use their cameras, cell phones or tablets during the ceremony – especially to shoot video or pictures? While it may seem drastic to require guests to unplug themselves during your special day because you want them to share with the online world how incredible your day is, having an unplugged wedding has its benefits:

1) Decreases the risk of the professional photographer missing the shot – I don’t know how many times I have set myself up in the perfect position to capture the bride and her father as they make their grand entrance and start to walk down the aisle, only to have a guest inadvertently raise their camera or iPhone (or worse iPad) and either block the shot or use the flash to completely brighten and whiten the image of the bride beyond saving.

2) More images of just the bride and groom during the ceremony – and less of your uncle and his Smartphone. It is not uncommon for a professional wedding photographer to work to crop someone out of an otherwise perfect image or have no choice but to leave them in because they stepped in the way of the shot (sometimes more than once). And while the photographer asks them to kindly move aside they may be missing some other gorgeous must-have shots!

3) Ensures the bride and groom have control over what pictures appear online and when – before your darling maid of honour becomes distracted because she is posting the first kiss photo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter without you knowing (or without asking), ask her not to have her iPhone stashed in her bouquet. Not only will this ensure that no embarrassing outtakes from your special day will live online forever, it also ensures that your professional photographer has access to an attentive wedding party and guests – none of which will be looking down at their phones the entire time.

While not every guest will be happy with your decision to have an unplugged wedding (some people are addicted to their devices!), you have to remember that it is your wedding and you are paying for a professional wedding photographer to be in attendance to capture your special day. The photos from your wedding will be a keepsake that you will have for your entire life – you don’t want hundreds of photos of the back of people’s heads as they try to take the perfect Instagram-worthy image! Leave that job to the professional you are paying.

There are simple ways to inform your guests that you are having an unplugged wedding. You could include it in your wedding program or prior to the ceremony, once everyone is seated, you can have the officiant, or even the best man read something to the effect of:

Hi everyone and welcome! The happy couple would like to thank everyone for being here to share in their wedding day. Bob and Suzy would like you to be truly present at this special time. It is for this reason that they ask all of you to turn off your phones and put down your cameras. The photographer will capture the ceremony as only he or she can — so instead of seeing the day from behind a device, see it with your eyes and remember it forever in your hearts. If the bride can do it, so can you!

The majority of guests will happily oblige and I guarantee that the round of applause at the end of the ceremony will be a lot grander without everyone holding a camera or phone in their hands.

Do you plan on having an unplugged wedding? Why or why not? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the idea of an unplugged wedding.

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Why It’s Okay To Not Love Every Photo

Why it's Okay to Not Love Every Photo

Sometimes when you receive your portrait photo gallery or wedding gallery, you may be drawn to that “one” photo that you do not find flattering of yourself. Likely, we think you look great! However, we are not you. It can be tricky to love every photo of yourself, however sometimes there is justification. Possibly a certain angle or viewpoint may not look right to you. Of course, sometimes uncontrollable circumstances result in unflattering photos. Here is a list of reasons of things that happen and why it’s okay to not love every photo: 

1) Wind gusts – You finally get into position for that perfect portrait shot and the sun is at the perfect spot in the sky – casting a warm hue over your face when all of sudden the wind gusts, blowing your hair all crazy. Makes for a great story, but not always a great picture.

2) Surprised stress – Maybe you just found out the cake hasn’t been delivered or they ran out of appetizers; whatever the reason you pose appears stiff and unnatural.

3) Unflattering facial profile – When we see ourselves in the mirror, we only see the front, so we may not be used to how our side profile looks, and may not like these photos because of how our nose or chin looks as a profile shot – even though everyone else may think it is gorgeous.

4) Photo bomb – Sometimes those reception shots are not loved because of what is going on in the background. You may love how you look, but not what Uncle John is doing or how Aunt Suzy looks behind you. If someone is texting or yawning, don’t take it personal, it was just a moment that was caught while the camera was focused on you.

5) Unfavourable angles – Whether it is the way the flowers are bring held or the accidental bunching of the dress, sometimes a picture might look good to one person, but is not loved by the person in the picture; especially if you think you look pregnant due to these factors. Of course, no one else would think so, but you are focused on that bunched belly.

6) Trying to be perfect – Relax, have fun and don’t pose! Smile! I guarantee that you have a better chance of loving your photos if you aren’t scowling at a groomsmen or bridesmaid!

It’s okay to not like every wedding photo! But try not to focus on the one shot that you do not like, and enjoy the rest that are absolutely beautiful! I guarantee you there will be more photos that you love than those you do not.