Open House at Stanley’s Farm

Open House at Stanley's Farm

It’s that time of year again!

The Annual Bridal Open House at Stanley’s Farm is taking place THIS Saturday, January 23rd & Sunday, January 24th in the Maples Hall, 10am-3pm.

All current Stanley’s brides and those who are thinking of Stanley’s are invited to come out and visit! Take a tour of their venues, chat with friendly staff and meet some of their favourite vendors.

There will also be fabulous door prizes donated by the vendors at the show. Door prizes are limited to couples that have preregistered for the show.

See you there!

11 Easy Posing Tips for Women

If you haven’t updated your corporate portrait already, considering freshening up your on line look. It’s a good idea to get a new head shot every other year, if not each year. This keeps your look current and also lets your clients know that you like to stay on top of things.

11 Easy Posing Tips for Women:

1)   Lean slightly forward
2)   Don’t lean back
3)   Don’t put your arms around the people beside you (like a bear hug over their shoulders)
4)   Don’t scrunch your face backwards.. always lean out (avoids double chin-look)
5)   Slight sideways angle
6)   Chin down, not up
7)   Tip the top of your head toward the camera (my biggest tip)
8)   Don’t stand closer to the camera than others. – closer people always appear larger
9)   Do not wear a turtleneck or scarf
10)   Do not wear oversized clothing and boxy-jackets
11)   Wear high heels

Attention Retailers

It has come to my attention that many retail stores are struggling to keep up. We are in such a new age, where many products are bought and sold online, and customers are searching, researching and asking their friends all about products and services before they even enter your store. This is much different than the days where “Location, location, location” was the only concern that a retail store had to consider. Will there be street traffic? Is there good parking? Is my signage clear enough for people to see my store and enter? Nowadays, seeing your store online is a lot more important. Customers need to decide whether making the trip to your location is “worth it” for them. They want to know before they leave the house whether you have what they are looking for. So how does YOUR store score in the online world?

Many of my clients are store owners, and they know the importance of being active on social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn (along with others). All of this can be overwhelming. You may catch yourself saying: “What do I say? Will my customers even see my posts? Where should I focus my attention? I do not have time for this!!!” The truth is, you don’t have time to skip this… your store’s success depends on it.

There is help. Many store owners are searching for Virtual Assistants, and Marketing experts to help them get a handle on this “Social Media” stuff. I also offer help by setting up an ongoing contract with you, to photograph your store front, window displays, seasonal set-ups, and inventory. This gives you tons of great visual content to populate these sites, as well as your own website and blog, on a consistent and ongoing basis. I also help my customers create a strategic plan for their blogging, posting and photography needs. I also have many resources and contacts that I can share with my customers when we are discussing your needs.

Please don’t be the next business that I see in the news! Contact me so we can discuss a way to keep your business in the forefront of potential customers’ minds. For a free consultation, send me an email at

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Support Local This Christmas: That’s a Wrap!

For this post, I’m not going to feature any local business, instead I want you to think about who you would support. Think of your neighbourhood, think of businesses that you love, and most of all think about your family and friends who own businesses. How special would it be for you to support them while also gift-giving to the other people that you know? I’m sure that all of us have entrepreneurs in our families. Even the multi-level marketing businesses that don’t appear to be very local or handmade are being run by your local friends and family. They decided to choose these businesses because they have a passion for them, and they would love to have your support in making a purchase of their products.

So whether it’s your cousin who hand knits hats, or your friend who sells make up through an MLM business, please think close to home when shopping for others this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Support Local This Christmas: Givopoly

All right, we’re down to the wire here, I really hope everyone has their Christmas shopping done by now. For those who do not, don’t despair, Givopoly is here! Givopoly is a wonderful online shopping website that features only local Ottawa businesses! They’ve made it ridiculously easy for you too. You just choose your gift, fill in the who/what/where, and they deliver it for you. They have a fast delivery option for local shoppers, so last minute gifts are a snap to buy.

You can shop by occasion, type of gift, price, or by vendor. Their list of local vendors is impressive!

Here are some ideas based on different budgets:

$25 and under
– Olive Oil Gift Set
– Jewellery
– Pastries & Desserts
– Doll Making Kit
– Scavenger Hunt

$25 – $50
– Gift Basket
– Make-up
– Toys
– Book Set
– Wine

$50 – $100
– Spa Treatment
– Spray Tan
– Flower Arrangement
– Artwork
– Hand Bag

$200 and up
– Scooter
– Coffee Club Subscription
– Helicopter Tour
Portrait Session
– Cookware


This is just a small sample of what they have to offer! Keep calm and shop on!

Givopoly | | | 613-702-1132 | 1-800-948-8216