Three Winter Wedding Perks

Wedding WednesdaysThink the colder weather signals the end of wedding season? Not so fast! While winter is usually the least-liked season, it does have some perks, and after all, what’s a little snow? We’re Canadian!

As an experienced wedding photographer I have had the pleasure of shooting some beautiful winter weddings. The bride wears a luxurious wrap, the bouquet is filled with seasonal touches, there are twinkling lights everywhere, and the snow is a sparkling blanket coating the ground. When indoors, there is also a cozy, intimate feeling in the winter that you just don’t get in any other season.

There are also some other perks of having a winter wedding:

1) Some venues offer lower rates to encourage winter bookings. This fills their year with more weddings and saves you some money.

2) Wedding vendors (photographers, planners, caterers, etc.) will have less bookings in the winter season, which means they will be available on your date.

3) Friends and family typically won’t be away on vacation during the winter (unless they’re Snowbirds), so everyone should be free to attend.

If you are considering wedding dates, do some research and consider a winter wedding!

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